Contemporary Sources of Use to the Japanese Reenactor

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Contemporary sources that are useful to Japanese Reenactors.

What We Wear at Reenactments

Reconstructing History provides historical documentation and information on historical clothing to re-enactors and the just-plain-curious to help them learn about historical clothing and construct accurate replicas of this garb for living history demonstrations.

The Kilcommon Costume — a 16thc Irish kern’s clothes

A suit of clothes dating to the late 16th or early 17th century was found in Kilcommon Bog, Thurles, County Tipperary, Ireland. It consisted of a jacket and trews (pants) and accessories of native manufacture.

The Dungiven Costume — a 16thc Anglo-Irish Man’s Outfit

A farmer near Dungiven, County Derry brought into the Belfast Museum and Art Gallery a suit of clothes that he found while digging peat on his farm. The clothing found consisted of a woolen semi-circular cloak, a jacket, tartan trews, and a leather belt