Doin’ de Gheyn – Vol 2

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Wherein is explored fabric and embellishment options, with exciting opportunities for audience participation. Bob waxes poetically about who de Gheyn was painting, and just what colour would best bring out his eyes.

An Leine Crioch — The Irish Leine in the 16th century

The Irish leine in the 16th century was a full-bodied shirt-like garment of linen.

What We Wear at Reenactments

Reconstructing History provides historical documentation and information on historical clothing to re-enactors and the just-plain-curious to help them learn about historical clothing and construct accurate replicas of this garb for living history demonstrations.

Sources for Irish Re-enactors

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A reviewed and annotated list of books for Irish reenactors and others with an interest in pre-modern Irish history

The Dungiven Costume — a 16thc Anglo-Irish Man’s Outfit

A farmer near Dungiven, County Derry brought into the Belfast Museum and Art Gallery a suit of clothes that he found while digging peat on his farm. The clothing found consisted of a woolen semi-circular cloak, a jacket, tartan trews, and a leather belt

What the Irish Wore – Dedication

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This site is dedicated to the memory of my father,

Eugene (Spike) McGann