Downloadable Pattern Instructions

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Check out this instructional video for how to assemble our Downloadable Patterns.  It’s easy!

Some Early Modern Stitching…

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It was long thought that the most common stitch on early modern garments was the running stitch. Recent re-examinations have shown that this is inaccurate. Those who have tried to sew their replica garments using only running stitches will not be surprised. Even if one makes the stitches 2mm to 4mm apart, the running stitch…

A New Way to Pay!

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PayPal’s “Bill Me Later” now gives you the option of delaying your payment on purchases of $99 or more for up to six months. Get what you want now!

Shipping Increases

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The US Postal Service has increased their rates. Unfortunately, so must we.

new year

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Welcome 2013! From Downton Abbey era patterns and vintage repros from the 20s, 30s and 40s to Custom Suits. Fill all your historical clothing needs right here.

Order Backlog – READ ME!

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Whew!  It’s been an interesting couple of months! “Interesting” in the sense of the Chinese curse.  Which is not so much fun. By now you may have heard we moved.  We are now fully operational in our new location.  The trouble is it took a full two months to get…

Golden Age of Travel — Unbiased Bias

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Wherein Kass shows how to make a bias-cut 1930s dress without sewing anything on the bias.

Golden Age of Travel — 1920s underwear

The Golden Age of Travel blog returns with a discussion of the myths about the ideal 1920s figure and 1920s underwear — what to wear under your flapper dress!

Golden Age of Travel Dream Birthday — Wardrobe Planning Week Five

Week Five.  I still need: 11 10 formal evening gowns 4 2 semi-formal dinner dresses 15 14 day dresses or ensembles 3 suits But you know what we haven’t done?  Coats!  This is no Caribbean cruise, RH fans.  Crossing the North Atlantic on a ship that averages 26 knots requires a coat….

A New Podcast! We’re BAAAAAAAACK!

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Wherein we apologize for being so long between updates and talk about interesting stuff.