The Stuart Period 1625-1642

After James’ stroke in 1625, his eldest son, Charles, ascended the English Throne.   Charles married the 15 year-old daughter of France’s King Henry IV, Henrietta Maria, and thus a new fashion trend came into England.   Shiny, smooth silk replaced heavy brocades.   Curls and love locks replaced rigid hairstyles.   Farthingales and ruffs were discarded.   Waistlines rose on women as well as men.   And a new short-waisted fashion was born:   Cavalier!

Unfortunately this made the Roundheads very angry.   A bunch of unattractive people with bowl haircuts, the Roundheads started the English Civil War by challenging Charles I\’s forces at Nottingham in 1642.  Charles defeated the Roundheads that day, but in Parliament, they voted against his pretty hair and his royal perogative.

NOTE:   The English Civil War was not fought over fashion and hairstyles, but some of us are just silly like that.